Sunday, April 12, 2015

Opening Day on the Hudson River, April 11, 2015

Nate suits up to ride North Creek Rafting's favorite kind of white water.
 Jason prepares his crew and raft.
I drive our sweet, new chariot after getting bumped from the guide roster opening day. My first one-piece Gortex drysuit sits here next to me with it's neck stretched. We're ready for spring action.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Skiing

Hooray, spring has hit North Creek! It was a long, frigid, harsh winter for humans and much worse for wild animals. Many didn't survive the coldest temperatures on record. Sadly our dogs are having a field day unearthing rotting carcasses ) :  Not Ellie (in this picture) she's always on her best behavior.

The dogs are added entertainment during descents.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Esther Turns One

The dogs and I enjoyed fresh groomed cross-country trails this morning. Esther's first birthday was yesterday.
My girls
My boy
Esther whispers in Stanley's ear.
Everyone is at attention for a treat.
The groomer circled around an old stone foundation in the woods.
This old stone foundation was the turning point of our journey. 
Stanley dashes. Ellie marches.
The conditions are fabulous.

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Looking at the Hudson River from our new porch.
North Creek Rafting is slowly moving it's headquarter to the river! We want to hear the laughing river that drove into our soul outside our door.
Our new office exists behind this purple door.
Owls keep me company as I work.

Magic happens here.
What a week! I started it moved into my very new office. I dismantled my in-home office the prior day and moved it here, our new house with separate office space in North River. Surrounded by all my speech and language resources, files and materials, I did my first paperwork. As I sat here writing progress notes, my toes were cold and my throat slightly ached. The satisfaction I felt working at Grandma's desk, in the old BCHS chair that Grandpa scored, surrounded by everything I've worked so hard for for 20 years felt right. It was a bitter cold weekend and being on the river added a layer to the chill. I cruised by my office for years as I traveled around the Adirondack Park seeing clients. It's 8 minutes from our home in North Creek and next to our take-out for Hudson River Gorge trips. The first day I left my office to see a client, an eagle soared over the frazil-filled river. Next door to my office and a few steps closer to the river, North Creek Rafting Company's headquarters is taking shape. 
We decked the wall with a ship in honor of Captain George, the kind soul who created this office space. 
Enormous pines lead the way to the blank slate where rafters will someday congregate.
North Creek Rafting Company, always flowing and changing.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Freedom, New Hampshire

Esther at home in North Creek missing her mother who went to Freedom, NH for the holidays.
 Posing in front of the Conway Scenic Railway with my brother and mom - Photos below by Allegra Boverman
An Esther look-alike was spotted while walking the main strip in North Conway, NH.
Owner reported this griffon is also very affectionate.
The next day we went to Great Glen Trails in Gorham, NH for "Eyes on Owls: Whoo's Watching You?"
A snowy owl
For information about owl experts Mark and Marcia Wilson, check:

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lit up on the Longest Nights of the Year

Ellie posed outside before winter covered the ground. Happy Winter Solstice.
Celebrating light returning to the days at North Creek Rafting Company

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Lava Falls, Mile 179.7, Grand Canyon

Scouting Lava Falls, December 1, 2013 (Photo by Greg Casto)
Excerpt below from "The Very Hard Way: Bert Loper and the Colorado River " by Brad Dimock

Bert Loper described: "And while I've been doing this  - on and off - for more than fifty years that is my first capsize so I should not feel bad and it makes me feel quite proud of the old boat. But while Don was following me he never knew - until I told him - that I had been up-side down."

Don Harris made a small note on the edge of his journal: "As we started on from Gate-way Rapid Bert yelled back to it, 'Kiss my %&$.'"

An hour later they were on shore, scouting Lava Falls. As far as they knew it had only been run once, by Buzz Holstrom the year before.

"After looking it over from both sides, we decided that we could run it," stated Loper, "and did so."  As it turned out, that was a good year to run Lava Falls, 1939. Less than two months later a gigantic debris flow thundered down Prospect Canyon, choking the rapid into a steeper, more difficult cataract.

"Although I had my first up-set of my whole career," journaled Loper that evening, "after running lava falls I feel very satisfied - so ends the day-"

A year ago yesterday, December 1, 2013, we ran Lava Falls.

Check out video:

Lava Falls Part I:

Lava Falls Part II:

Happy Birthday Mark, our son, brother and stalwart companion!