Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Rafting 2013

North Creek Rafting Company's barn and van
Morning Glories

Sunflowers in front of the barn (above and below)

Mint, Sedum and Cosmos
My brother Steve and I

My dad's best friend Jim and my best friend Ellie
I'll be in the back steering the raft
You guys will be the power needed to get us to the fun features and away from the dangerous features

Nate will be riding behind us in his cataraft

I don't have a command like "Oh $*&^!" or "Get down!". I don't like to scare people. I may yell "Lean in". If I yell, "Lean in", it doesn't mean to stop paddling if we are in the middle of a command. It means to get your center of gravity over the raft because we're about to hit a feature that may launch you.

Halfway down the Indian River, I heard cackling in the woods. It was Allegra taking a few more photos of us. 

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