Friday, July 18, 2014

Toads, Tributaries, Dragonflies, Frogs, and Fish

Overlooking a tributary that runs into the Sacandaga River
About a week ago, my friend Carey and I took a rare dog-less walk in search of Square Falls. We ended up walking a trail that led to the Sacandaga River. I knew we'd see fauna so I carried the abridged version of Jamie Sams and David Carson's book Medicine Cards. This version is in the form of a deck of cards. On our way down the river's valley, we crossed tributaries and paths with several toads until we joyfully discovered the river. Dragonflies hovered just above the current. Frogs and fish chilled at various depths. On a small sandy beach, we ate our lunches and contemplated these words: 

Confront denials
Break through illusions
Honor inner truths

Bring in the rain
Tears cleanse your feelings
Refill with well-being

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