Sunday, November 9, 2014

Romping Among Relics and Rocks

Beware of the ghoul who guards "Poppy"
The following relics remain on "Poppy", our wooded acres on the edge of the hamlet of North Creek.

Are the parts below an old sugaring operation ? 

The rock piles and walls that follow were created many years ago.

This mossy rock pile is separate from and located inside the bordering rock walls. It reminds us of a grave site.
All these rocks were pushed into this pile to make the land farm-able and/or mark the property line. An old wire fence runs along the walls.
"Aunt Cairns", on top of the huge rock pile, are named after Aunt Karen, our aunt who lives in California. Aunt Karen walked Poppy with us dozens of moons ago.
We especially love the the old rock wall along the left side of this path as it meanders the entire length of "Dark Forest".
I dug this large fire pit with a shovel and brought the rocks over the very hard way, one by one. As I labored I thought of the great hardworking western river runner, Bert Loper.

Ellie, Esther and Stanley dressed in safety garb romp in the streams:

All three dogs stand next to one of the widest trees on Poppy. The giant pine tree is also in the picture below.
 A cluster of bright white birch trees sits on top of Dark Forest.

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