Friday, August 21, 2015

At the Helm in an Adirondack Chair

At the helm of North Creek Rafting Company in an Adirondack chair created by Windy Baker
Nate and friends headed to Watkins Glen for Phish's 10th festival called Magnaball.

Check details of Magnaball at:

The fearless five (photo below), minus Nate, are here for the big weekend. Frank S, Eric K, Mark E, Mark L, Jay C. and a special guest are also happily present and part of the dream team. With water as warm as a bath and skies toasty, August is the most popular month to raft the Hudson River Gorge. Saturdays in August are by far the most occupied days of the season. We floated our 10,000th rafter through the Hudson River Gorge this month! That's 10,000 rafters in our nine years as North Creek Rafting Company.
 Thanks to rafters near and far who float commercial raft trips!
"The Fearless Five" includes Nate, Jason, Joe, Jason and Nick. Photo taken on a guide trip to the Kennebec and Dead Rivers in Maine Oct 2014

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