Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Blast with Seven Bachelorettes

Rafting through the narrowest section of the Hudson River Gorge, The Narrows, 8/2/14. Photos by Jim Swedberg

Two of the bachelorettes wrote testimonials about North Creek Rafting Company: 

Great Company, Great Adventure.
"Myself and six other girls heading out on the river a few weeks for a friends bachelorette party and my my what a day it was !!! We could not have asked for more :) The rafts were clean and modern , the best on the river as far as we were concerned, our guide Becky was so personable and full of interesting stories about the river, landscape and the state !! Even the lunch we received during our trip was exquisite !!! We all had the best day and are so glad we chose North Creek Rafting...."
Jennifer K

The Best Option for Rafting in the Lake George Area.
"From start to finish, North Creek Rafting was spectacular. Making the reservation online was easy and I called multiple times with questions and changes (one of our members cancelled at the last minute) and Nate was helpful every time. We had a group of seven women on a bachelorette party to go rafting for our first time. Two of us had gone before, but more than 10 years ago :) We almost missed the location because it looks like a house (which it is), but parked and got set right up. North Creek had all of the equipment we needed- wet shoes, a full wet suit (if you wanted it), a spray jacket (kind of like a waterproof windbreaker), helmet and life jacket. The equipment was clean and looked new. Becky did our safety training and was very thorough.

We had a large group of people going that day (a Saturday) so there were three rafts going down. We took the 30 min drive up to drop in site with Nate and Greg. All three guides were amazing in their own ways. Becky ended up as our guide down the river which was perfect. When we got to the drop in site, there was SO MANY other rafting companies present! It was the first weekend in August and clearly the busiest time of their season. As we waited in line to get down to the water, I noticed that North Creek Rafting's equipment was in much better condition than the other companies. I'm sure their equipment was sufficient, but it felt good to know that we were with a company that cared about the details.

Once we got in the water, the rafts really seemed to spread out and I never felt like there were too many people on the river. Our three rafts stayed together and ours was in the lead so we had a perfectly clear view of the river at all times. The trip was wonderful at all times. We started with some baby rapids that got us all prepared for what was to come. The options for voluntary swimming were great and I highly recommend jumping in for a bit. Floating on your back down the river while looking up at beautiful blue skies and the forest all around is absolutely perfect.

We stopped halfway through for lunch and it downpoured. Thankfully the guides had brought extra dry gear which really helped since a few of us were still wet from our earlier swim. Lunch was DELICIOUS. They order it from a cafe (Cafe Sarah I think) and had a veggie wrap option as well as peanut butter, honey and granola wrap. The veggie was delicious and so were the chocolate chip cookies :) After the brief rain and chilliness, we were back on the water. We got the chance to spin through two different rapids which was awesome. Some other boats were waiting to surf (where you can stay in the water without moving downstream), but we opted not to do that. The trip was just challenging enough (I'm definitely still sore!), but there were enough breaks to relax and soak up the scenery.

Becky was an amazing guide. We learned that her and Nate are married and were celebrating an anniversary soon. Since we were on a bachelorette getaway, we talked a lot about marriage and relationships. It was great to learn more about Becky and the amazing things her, Nate and North Creek Rafting have done during their eight years in business. As I mentioned, the guides were all fantastic and fun.

Something that I didn't know and thank goodness someone mentioned it- you should tip your guide if it was a good trip! $5 to $10 per person is the norm. Once we got back to the company after the trip, they started to clean the equipment and we got to see photos from the trip. They work with a photographer that is set up about halfway down the river and takes pictures mid-rapid. I will definitely be purchasing some to commemorate such a great day.

I highly recommend North Creek Rafting Company for your next white water rafting trip!!"
Erin K

Heya Becky - I just wanted to thank you for an amazing trip down the river! We were there last weekend with Elyse's bachelorette party :) Such a great time! You all made us feel so comfortable, safe and prepared - thank you! We'll def be back...maybe to train even. You guys rock and I'm telling EVERYONE!
Sara M


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