Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fourth Annual Carrot Tasting Contest and Around the Corner Garden

Crunch em'. Munch em'. Eat em' in a bunch em'. Carrots pulled up from the ground will make you healthy all around. Vitamin A will feed your skin. Sharper eyes are another win. Carrots, delicious raw or cooked. Carrots, an idea as bright as they look. Carrot posters created by Noah Howard.
We used pelleted carrot seeds with amazing results this year .... Check out the size of the carrots we harvested for Long Lake School's 4th Annual Carrot Tasting Contest!
Altogether we harvested 25 pounds of carrots from our Corner Garden.
Digging for potatoes

Hope the warmth continues so our Brussel sprouts have time to mature.
Students carefully pick cherry tomatoes and retrieve the ones that fall to the ground in the process. The branches are fully loaded.
Cutting a Delicata squash from the vine is a collaborative effort.
Garden-inspired artwork - Note the squash, top row in the center, is the one harvested by students in the picture above it.
Milkweed (as drawn above) lives in the garden too. This fall students learned how important milkweed is for Monarch butterflies. 

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