Friday, October 16, 2015

Long Lake Harvest Pretty Corny

Long Lake students take a field trip to visit local farmer Chris Thompson's crops. Note the student in the center holds a pinkish-red corn cob.
Students harvest carrots to compete in the Fourth Annual Carrot Tasting Contest at LLCS next week.
Chris suggested we hose down the carrots before bringing them back to school.

We also pulled corn off stalks and husked it. When one student found a red colored cob, Chris told the class about a myth surrounding red corn cobs. Apparently this is a rare find. We did find a couple more red cobs out of the dozens and dozens of corn cobs we husked. Chris grinds the corn into cornmeal. In the past, we have been the recipients of some his fresh, local cornmeal. We've used it to make cornbread for our annual school-wide Fall Feast.
Chris let students take home whatever corn they could carry and one student exclaimed, "I didn't know I was so corny."

Back at school we said goodbye to the sunflowers who will surely wither in the hard frost this weekend. The tomatoes are covered with row cover but probably won't survive the weekend either.
Thankfully, the cabbage and Brussel sprouts (below) are hardy, will survive the weekend and be harvested in the upcoming weeks.

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